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Nora’s Secret to Finding Inspiration

April 19, 2021
by Nora Carson

Inspiration – a feeling of enthusiasm you get to spark new and creative ideas – comes in all shapes and forms, and differs for each individual, based on their personality, profession, hobbies, and interests. As a team of creative professionals, we each find inspiration in unique ways. Here’s a peek at what inspires Nora Carson, FUEL account director.

My secret to staying charged & energized? Tracking industry trends, upbeat music, and British mystery.

As an Account Director, I realize that some might think I have one of the least creative jobs at a marketing agency (hello, budgets and schedules) – That being said, I would definitely say I have a creative bent and have always considered myself a right-brain, left-brain thinker. That, along with many other factors, have led me to pursue UX design. With a focus in this new field, I hope to play a part in bringing to life products that help people in their daily lives by way of research and planning. I think more and more, being inspired to do good work and create products that have a real – and positive – impact on humans is going to be my driving force.

For me at least,  it’s important to infuse inspiration into my day-to-day routine. I do this by keeping up with industry trends and award-winning work and following design or agency Instagram accounts (like @72andSunny , @NNGUX , @ Cannes_Lions , and @McKinseyDesign ), to inspire me, provide thought-starters for our creative team, and make our client work stronger.

On a more personal note, I adore music and movies and am trying to love books more. I enjoy reading, but… it’s just so hard when there are movies, lots and lots of movies. As far as my taste in music goes, this may come as a shock to those who know me, but I enjoy Hip Hop, Pop, and R&B. I typically leave the room when someone turns on Country music. Online quizzes have told me I have the music taste of a 14-year-old girl, but I’m stickin’ with it. If I can turn my house into a club while cooking dinner, I will. And this upbeat music keeps me motivated and energized to tackle any project, whether it’s a complicated ad budget or status report. 

When it comes to TV shows and movies that I find inspirational as well as entertaining, give me all the British murder mystery. Ideally, if it’s set before the mid-20th century, even better. That sounds niche, but you would not believe how many options fall into those parameters. As the wife of a video animator, I spend a good bit of time with my husband watching Pixar and Marvel to balance things out.

But I think more often than not, just getting a chance to re-charge on a long walk or go for a run on a beautiful day inspires and restores me to be ready to offer my best at FUEL. How about you?

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