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If you haven’t heard of “brand building” before, we’ll explain why it’s the most essential approach to the success of your business (and why you should be looking to partner with a branding agency).

Brand Building

Brand Building

A brand building agency is like a brand design and brand strategy company, but better

You can’t create a brand without knowing who it’s for and why it’s special. And you can’t successfully market a brand unless it looks and behaves like it’s valuable. Any business is doomed if it thinks it can neglect either brand or marketing, and just focus on one (and many do). That’s where brand building comes in. It’s a brand-first approach to your sales funnel. Before strategizing how to sell the practical benefits of the product, we create the emotional reasons to love – and choose – the brand.

So when we talk about brand building, we’re not just talking about the general marketing of a brand or product; we’re talking about ongoing strategy leveraged to increase a brand’s perceived value; the act of building on and elevating a brand – and its image – over time. That’s why not only creating a beautiful brand identity and quality storytelling are so crucial, but maintaining and evolving them are as well. And we’ll help you stay on course, consistently.

From pre- to post-purchase, brand building ensures you go beyond delivering simple awareness and a viable product to delivering something unforgettable: a customer experience rooted in a valuable brand promise that will attract more and more brand ambassadors over time.

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Create Brands

Create Brands

Create a Valuable Brand

Brand is a powerful shortcut to choice. It either signals positive associations (trust, value, status) that lead to purchase or… it doesn’t. We know that so much of influencing consumers’ decision-making comes down to creating a strong, distinct brand that communicates value through the way it looks and behaves, the promise it makes. And brand behavior and brand design should always be rooted in a brand identity inspired by the ideal consumer.

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Benefits of a Brand-First Approach

Build a strong foundation for brand awareness

Standing out increases chances of success: When your brand is strong and differentiated, consumers are more likely to notice (and choose you)

Capitalize on equity

You can always capitalize on brand equity, even when your product changes or your market expands

Create clear emotional benefit

Your target audience will connect you to an experience that’s worth their time and investment

Aim for longevity

Take away a strong brand, and you’ve tied your business to the whims of changing products and services (with other stiff competition)

Increase your value and profitability potential

Strong brands can justify higher price points and, therefore, invest in broader growth opportunities

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Promote Brands

Promote Brands

Promote a Distinct Brand

Marketing a brand is always a process of constant experimentation to gain attention. However, it’s that much easier to do successfully when the brand is strong and distinct and marketers have something to work with! That’s our branding agency can start to focus on building a strategic mix of tactics and high-quality content for all brand touchpoints.

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Benefits of a Brand-First Approach

Give your marketers something to work with

With a strong, distinct brand already in hand, marketers can actually play a role in reducing sensitivity to pricing and price increases

Focus on tactics vs. damage control

When a brand is already fully functioning, marketers can focus on audience strategy and channel mix vs. brand repair

Use the brand promise to guide communication

Beyond product specs, marketers can delve into the emotional storytelling potential behind the brand’s brand promise

Build brand awareness with no regrets

Consumers are more likely to choose a brand with either positive reputation/credibility or a positive brand appearance

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