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Everyone needs a path. At FUEL, our Brand Blaze lights the way for brand leaders and marketers committed to challenging markets and mindsets that prevent them from being seen and heard, and maximizing their full potential. Think of the Brand Blaze like a stage-by-stage, strategy-by-strategy guide that builds on itself, burning brighter and stronger as you move forward. The key is: no skipping. You can’t pick and choose stages unless you’ve done the work to answer the tough questions. You’ll find value at every stage, especially the insights to power your Brand Strategy.

Our five key brand-building strategies enable maximum value creation and business impact.

Dive deep into your core brand identity: your brand’s “Why,” values, attributes, strengths, weaknesses, and more…

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Find your place in the world (and market) through category context: market conditions, competition, trends, risks, opportunities, and then some.

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Forget “audience”; find your people. Meet the demand of those who already need your product/service, align with your values, and want to be loyal.

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Face your greatest conflict: not just competitors, but status quos. We’ll provide courage + clarity throughout.

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Craft your messaging strategy – your ultimate message to the world, told to your ultimate audience.

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Stand out in the most crowded of markets

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Brand Essence

Everything begins here: the heart of your Brand Identity. Maybe you’re ahead of the identity game, or maybe you need to catch up, but when you’ve found your Brand Essence, you’ve found the bullseye of your Brand Strategy. In this stage, we’ll pin down your brand’s Why, your values, your strengths and weaknesses, your attributes, and more… all the details that shape how your brand shows up in the world. We go deep so you and your team can enjoy the fruits of total brand alignment: recognition, consistency, and – ultimately – customer loyalty.

Deliverables may include:

    • Brand Audit
    • Brand Archetype + Personality 
    • Brand Guides (Purpose, Vision, Mission, and Values) 
    • Brand Positioning Statement 
    • Brand Promise
    • Voice + Tone 
    • Brand Architecture (Optional)

Golden Territory

Once you know your Brand Essence, it’s instinctive to know your place. We drill down in your market to define the collective state of affairs: conditions, competition, trends, risks, opportunities, and then some. What’s the greatest need and how can you answer it? We’ll help you find the answer.

Deliverables may include:

  • Quantitative + Qualitative Research (Optional) 
  • Competitive Audit 
  • SWOT


Your brand isn’t here to be everything to everyone. It’s here to be everything to your tribe: those who need your product or service, align with your values, and, ultimately, pledge their loyalty. We find them through focus; focusing on the nuanced needs of their demand so you can deliver nuanced value. And we’re here to help map out all the details that lead to conversion.

Deliverables may include:

  • Quantitative + Qualitative Research (Optional) 
  • Personas
  • Journey Mapping (Optional)

Challenge, Accepted

In your category, what are you challenging? We’re not talking competitors only, but all the status quos. This stage is devoted to defining the mission you’re on and how to reach it through new ways of thinking about old problems. From mission-forward opportunities (and advantages) to your competitive differentiation rooted in your values and audience, we’re here to bring strategic clarity.

Deliverables may include:

  • Central Challenge
  • Challenger Insights + Tactics

Loud and Clear

All journeys end with a story. In this final brand-building stage (you made it!), all the insights and inspiration garnered from the previous stages culminate to help us craft your ultimate message to your ultimate audience, and maximize its reach wherever relevant. We’re focused on quality, creativity, and authenticity so you can be certain that your message is meaningful and integrated into every aspect of your Brand Strategy.

Deliverables may include:

  • Brand Script: One-liner
  • Tagline (Optional) 
  • Brand Narrative
  • Campaign Headline (Optional)
  • Manifesto (Optional)

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