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We’re a creative, marketing agency based in Greenville, SC, on a mission to give courage + clarity to brands that either want to transform or challenge any number of status quos. We’re all award-winning, senior-level marketing experts and brand strategists. We’ve worked on big and small brands across a number of industries, seen all kinds of challenges, and created all kinds of growth opportunities. Now, we want to do it for you.

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Meet some of the companies we’ve ignited across a number of industries, courtesy of brand strategy and FUEL’s best practices.

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Our partnerships mean everything.

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”After working with FUEL, we see ourselves in a different light. Their brand-building approach helped us go back to fundamental steps we skipped, and clearly define our brand and differentiators that impact business.”

— Glenn Hopper, Chief Financial Officer | Sandline

Our Brand Principles speak for themselves

Or rather, our Brand Principles reveal how our talk walks. Our principles are our guides in everything: they ground us, drive us, and connect us with the right clients. We use them as a litmus test for answering if we are, in fact, a good match with a potential client. If aligned, full steam ahead.

Some extra Good things to know about FUEL

We believe in giving back and doing our part to help others, so we started several initiatives to provide support and service to our community. Additionally, our Community Committee coordinates a company-wide community service event every quarter, participating with organizations like Habitat for Humanity, TreesUpstate, and others.

FUEL for Good Grant

Know a good cause that could use a little marketing help? Each quarter, we select a Greenville, SC nonprofit to receive our FUEL for Good Grant, providing a specified amount of marketing support at no cost.

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