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Why We Always Begin with Brand Strategy

It’s the roadmap to reaching your brand’s full potential.

Brand Strategy and Brand Building share a core philosophy: Start strong and only get stronger

Someone said, “A brand becomes a brand when it becomes consistent” and we’ve never forgotten it. The underlying message is that to be consistent, you have to be authentic. And to be authentic, you have to know exactly who you are and the value you provide. It’s no wonder why the most consistent and differentiated brands translate to the strongest and most trusted, too. That’s why we emphasize defining – and truly aligning on – your core brand identity from the very beginning, or revamping and realigning on already established brands. Make it clear why people should choose you; the promise you deliver.  

We believe brand strategy = brand building: a continuous journey and process of growth, intent on strengthening your brand over time. You choose growth by staying true to your core and serving #1: your consumer. Our brand strategy process, guided by The Brand Blaze, gives you a clear path to do so. 

Our Approach

How to Maximize Your Brand Strategy: The Brand Blaze

Our Strategies

Follow our five key brand-building strategies to create long-term value and business impact.

Whether you’re a new brand or an established brand, the order of strategies and stages within The Brand Blaze always cater to you. 

Golden Territory: Find your place in the world (and market)

We drill down in your market to define the collective state of affairs: conditions, competition, trends, risks, and opportunities. What’s the greatest need and how can you answer it.

Deliverables may include:

    • Quantitative + Qualitative Research* (Optional) 
    • Competitive Audit
    • Market Trends + Conditions
    • SWOT

Tribe: Forget “audience” – find your people.

Meet the demand of those who already need your product/service, align with your values, and want to be loyal.

Deliverables may include:

    • Qualitative + Quantitative Research* (Optional) 
    • Personas
    • Journey Mapping

Challenge, Accepted: Face your greatest conflict: not just competitors, but status quos

We’ll help you define the mission you’re on and how to reach it through new ways of thinking about old problems.

Deliverables may include:

    • Central Challenge: Defined
    • Challenger Insights + Tactics

Brand essence: The heart of your brand identity.

We’ll pin down your brand’s Why, your values, your strengths and weaknesses, your attributes, and more… all the details that shape how your brand shows up in the world. 

Deliverables may include:

    • Brand Audit
    • Brand Archetype + Personality
    • Brand Guides (Purpose, Vision, Mission + Values)
    • Brand Positioning Statement 
    • Brand Promise
    • Voice + Tone 
    • Brand Architecture

Loud and clear: Your ultimate message to your ultimate audience.

We’re focused on quality, creativity, and authenticity, so you can be certain that your message is meaningful and integrated into every aspect of your Brand Strategy. 

Deliverables may include:

    • Brand Script + One-liner
    • Tagline or Strapline 
    • Brand Narrative or Manifesto
    • Campaign Key Message

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