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Dating and Marketing – Common Campaign Pitfalls (and how to avoid them): Part II

May 18, 2021
by Ally Dodge

In our first article , we introduced the concept that launching a marketing campaign is a lot like dating: from knowing who you want to attract (your target audience) to saying the right thing to attract them to your brand (your pick-up line). You see the connection, right? And like dating, there are things to avoid in a campaign to make sure it doesn’t go bust. In this article, we discuss five more pitfalls to avoid when launching your next campaign. 

Pitfall #6 – You’re not using your strategic alliances

Strategic alliances are not used enough in marketing but often used in dating. Asking a friend to introduce you to someone you are interested in makes total sense in the dating world, and it’s the same concept in the marketing world. When you run a campaign that says your product is available at this retailer or that you are the official beverage of this company, that tells your audience that you have friends. Retailers and other companies like you enough to feature your product. It helps warm up your audience, creating awareness and consideration.

Pitfall #7 – Your campaign landing page is weak

Things are looking good. You have their attention; they are laughing at your jokes. Now is the time you need to get them to your campaign landing page. Let’s get out of this loud email inbox or off this busy Google search results page and let me tell you more about my product. “Ahh yes. Isn’t this cozy? Just you and me and my product demonstration video.” This is when you let them know that you would really like their name and phone number and that you have an adherence to strict privacy laws and would never sell their data to a third party. Joking aside, campaign landing pages are where it’s at. This is when you have your audience’s attention and the moment of truth… the moment of conversion on whatever goal you have established (because you avoided Pitfall #1).

Pitfall #8 – You didn’t nurture your lead

Some relationships take more time to nurture than others. Know your sales cycle and be prepared to nurture and communicate with your prospects throughout the sales funnel. You have come so far! Don’t let your date go cold now. This could be in the form of retargeting or email communications. Or do you think your prospect would be swayed with a gift-with-purchase? This is the time where your brand can reinforce your product value statements or overcome any decision barriers. Remember those competitors are still talking to your prospective date as well. If you want to start dating exclusively, this is the most critical point in the relationship. But know when to say when. No one wants a stalker. You’ll get flagged as spam.

Pitfall #9 – You forgot to upsell and cross-sell

Congratulations! You have a campaign conversion! You make a lovely couple. Believe it or not, it’s not too soon to upsell and cross-sell. This is the honeymoon phase where your lead is excited about their purchase. They may be so excited that they want to buy more products or commit to a deeper relationship. Remember your brand attributes and be earnest. Show your date that you are as excited to be with them as they are with you!

Pitfall #10 – You didn’t learn from your mistakes

Ahhhh, there’s always one that gets away. The real question is do you know why? There were NINE pitfalls outlined in this article. Did you fall into one of them? Did you find a new one? The biggest pitfall is not knowing why you weren’t as successful as you wanted to be (it’s also a pitfall to not know why you were successful). Don’t get discouraged. Analyze your results, identify what you would change, and optimize your campaign. In fact, you should be constantly evaluating your efforts through every step of the campaign process. Don’t wait for the relationship to fall apart at the end. You can make micro-adjustments every step of the way, from making sure that your goals are aligned with your leads to confirming your pick-up line is working. Maybe you confused your date once you got them back to your landing page. The important part is doing the critical thinking and analyzing to get back in the campaign game.  

PRO TIP: If the 10 common pitfalls seem too daunting and overwhelming, you should hire a matchmaker. FUEL has helped countless brands identify ideal targets, craft great messaging and campaigns, develop killer landing pages, and nurture prospects till they are ready to commit. Don’t be a lonely brand. The right lead is out there waiting for you! Contact FUEL to put together a plan that helps you avoid these pitfalls and find your match!

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