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Greenville Fitness Studios Slay the Social Media Game

April 9, 2021
by Ely Randall

Attention all Greenville, South Carolina locals: this one’s for you!

If you are like me, you might find yourself adding to your GVL bucket list on the daily. Sweet new restaurant. Yep, added to my bucket list. New rooftop bar? Added that too. What about the new fitness studio? You betcha-added. 

There seem to be so many new trendy spots to check out that I cannot help but reflect on the impact that social media marketing has played in getting the word out and hyping up each new spot. From giveaways to tagged Instagram Stories and aesthetically pleasing posts, these trendy fitness studios know how to market their brand and attract the #yeahTHATgreenville community. Here are a few of my most recent Greenville fitness studio bucket list items that kill both the marketing and fitness game:

The Booty Shop

123 N Main St Suite A, Greenville, SC 29601

This second floor fitness studio is located near Mast General Store in downtown Greenville.. Decked out in hot pink from resistance bands to neon lighting, The Booty Shop screams girl gang. The studio’s classes focus on targeting all areas of your body with different exercise styles while encouraging you to feel empowered in prioritizing a healthy and well-balanced life. A few of the classes include Booty Burn, Barre at the Bar, Basic Training, Cardio Club, and Yoga Cheeks. It’s all about the #BootyGains at this Greenville hotspot.

Give them a follow on Instagram and your feed will be flooded with hot pink photos from The Booty Shop’s account. When visiting this studio for yourself, be sure to snap a pic for the gram and tag their account. Their pink lights and massive pink neon light logo on the back wall are iconic! The Booty Shop also loves to engage with their customers’ experiences on their Instagram Stories. Who knows, you might even get a repost or reshare when you post. 

Indigo Flow & Art

1272 Pendleton St, Greenville, SC 29611

Grab your yoga mats and put on those leggings to find your inner peace at Indigo Flow and Art. This yoga studio is never short on natural light or soothing sounds, giving you all the positive vibes. Whether you are still learning foundational yoga postures or are a yogi expert, this West Village of Greenville yoga studio is just the place for you. Indigo classes include Mellow Flow, Mindful Flow, Dynamic Flow, Yin with Flow, Flow and Meditation, and Yoga Free Flow (Yoga Dance). Namaste.

If you want to learn more about yoga outside of the studio or in the comfort of your home, no worries. Indigo Flow and Art has you covered with helpful yoga tips and tricks Instagram posts highlighted by high-quality photos taken by a local photographer. Their strong social media presence and credibility can be attributed to their investment in content creation. Like The Booty Shop, this yoga studio is nothing short of aesthetically pleasing. Gorgeous fiddle fig plants and natural light make this studio the perfect social media photo op, as many Greenville social media gurus have already shared their photos with the Upstate community.


307 E McBee Ave Suite B, Greenville, SC 29601

Cycling never sounded so good until you experience the blood-pumping journey of indoor cycling. Put your peddling to the test by enjoying one of the sweatiest workouts you will experience. Scattered throughout a partially blacked-out studio are bicycle machines and your uber-hype CycleStar instructor waiting for you to take your endurance to the next level. Your Cyclebar workout will empower, inspire, and elevate you throughout the entire day. Classes include CycleBar Classic and Explicit Connect. 

Stepping into CycleBar alone will make you want to post about your experience and let the world know that you have experienced the thrill of this fitness studio. I believe that is how CycleBar has continued to establish such a strong brand and following in the social media world. Sure, they have their own marketing efforts such as giveaways, maintaining a cohesive social feed, and updating their user-friendly website,. but what is more brilliant than having your customers market your brand for you-and for free? The more that customers post online about CycleBar and its dope studio, the more that others will want to try it out for themselves and feel as if they are a part of the CycleBar community. Well done, CycleBar!

Drift Float & Spa

644 N Main St Suite 105, Greenville, SC 29601

You don’t know what you’re missing until you float in 1000+ pounds of epsom salt. Reserve your own personal flotation pod for 60+ minutes of “drifting” and truly learn what it means to ease your mind, soul, and body. Each pod is kept at ~93.5°F and are insulated against sound, allowing you to unwind and float freely without distraction. Trust me, you will “lose track of where your body ends and the water begins.” It’s that good people. A few of the services offered include Flotation Therapy, Infrared Sauna, Oxygen Bar, and Lucia Light. Basically, we have found a new form of therapy.

Everyone loves a good “treat yourself” moment, so it is no surprise that Drift Float and Spa social media marketing has been so successful! Drift has partnered with popular local brands such as The Scout Guide Greenville and GVL Today on social media to increase their brand awareness. These popular Greenville brands focus on sharing new restaurants, events, and local attractions within the community. Each time they share a post featuring Drift Float and Spa, their post is reaching three times the amount of followers that Drift currently has. Drift’s focus on establishing relationships with popular local social media accounts has allowed them to position themselves as a Greenville must-see and must-follow social media account.

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