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Creating a consumer-forward brand design

Neighborhood Cancer Connection Business Card


A new brand design

CSG Before
NCC updated Logo

The Challenge

The Cancer Journey

How do you visually represent a topic like cancer? It’s a sobering subject matter that is hard to talk about, and yet nearly every American is impacted by it. Survivors, caregivers, friends, family, and those recently facing a new diagnosis seek refuge at the Neighborhood Cancer Connection.

To help the organization navigate this delicate topic, we took a step back within the branding process and looked at what Neighborhood Cancer Connection offered. In other words, how they wanted their organization to feel when someone came looking for their services or a worthy cause to donate to.

Monument Sign

The Strategy

A Bright Spot

The Neighborhood Cancer Connection has served its local community since 1964. Over those 50 years, it built up a strong support system. Considered a place of refuge, the Neighborhood Cancer Connection had a passionate, deeply caring team behind-the-scenes, an active and supportive board, and a legacy of warm, continuous support that extended to the family of its clients, too. In many ways and from many points of view, the Neighborhood Cancer Connection was described as a “bright spot” in the lives of its clients and their families – an insight we made sure to bake into its new rebrand.

Logo Explanation
Representation Matters
Full Illustration by Karen Schipper
Community First
NCC Tote Bag
NCC illustration
Icons and Representation
NCC icons
Usability for the Web
NCC Website
NCC Illustration

The Results

A Warm Brand

Neighborhood Cancer Connection Board Members

“The entire FUEL team is incredible to work with. Their holistic, client-centered approach was what initially drew us to them for renaming, branding, web development, and a public launch. I knew we had the right partners by our side at each phase. They are particularly skilled at finding just the right words and images to capture the essence of our mission and then using a fresh, modern, creative approach to communicate that. Our final product is something our whole team is proud of and will take us to the next level of development.”

— Lisa Colby | Executive Director, NCC

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