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At Home with Roxy: Extrovert in a Box

July 23, 2020
by Roxy Bartz

Anyone else feel like COVID-19 tossed them in a box, locking away all spontaneity and thirst for adventure? Wanting to explore, enjoy summer, travel, spend time with friends, to just enjoy something new?

Well, we for sure got to experience something new but not at all what we’d expected. As an energetic, enthusiastic extrovert, for me, that “wanting” feeling never goes away, which means I had to find different ways to make my life interesting and exciting when nothing else was going on.

So, here is a sneak peak of what life has looked like for me – doodle style!

My Initial Reaction to Quarantine  

I was not excited to hear that everything was shutting down and that we had to stay inside. Never have I ever felt more trapped or bored in my life.

Finding Out That Fun Is Cancelled for The Foreseeable Future

Insert meme of dog sitting in a fire saying, “It’s fine.” That’s the constant reminder that I have to tell myself — “Roxy, it’s fine.” I don’t need events and people to make my life exciting. It’s fine.

World: Don’t do anything.  Me: I am going to do EVERYTHING!

I have literally tried every fun thing I can think of, even if it’s heavily modified for COVID safety. Sometimes I like to challenge myself to see how many things I can do in a day. My current record is 11,137. (Just kidding … or am I?)

Work Out All. The. Time.

The best way to get rid of all that energy I build up during the day (or even just in the morning) is by physical torture in the form of a workout. Some days, all I do aside from work — and what I look forward to the most — is make up some new workout routine using everyday objects lying around the house.

Tennis Anyone?

Tennis is cancelled and courts are closed. Fine, I’ll make my own court in a parking lot in my neighborhood. COVID can’t stop me from being creative or inventive — I’ll always make the most with what I have.

Keeping the 6-ft Distance Rule

Sometimes when you see someone for the first time in a really long time, you forget that you have to keep your distance. I have been told a couple of times to “Back off.” My response is usually, “Oh, sorry! I love you and just wanted to hug ya.”

Should We Celebrate That Too?

I can’t help but want to celebrate anything and everything, even if we can’t gather together in person. I’ll find any excuse to Zoom-call friends and celebrate even the smallest accomplishments. We’ve got to be grateful for the little things in life.

Realizing It’s Okay to Just Sit

Quarantine has shown me that I like reading more than I ever thought I could. And it’s not that bad to take a second to just sit and not “do” anything. Sometimes it’s hard for me to remember to slow down instead of going 100 miles a minute.

There you have it. A quick glimpse of what it’s like to be Quarantine Roxy. I’ve always had a lot of pep, and I know other extroverts out there are probably feeling the same way — ready to burst with all that pent-up energy. But you got this.

Here are the good things that come from staying at home:

  • You actually have more time to do stuff than you realize (even if it’s not the coolest, most awesome thing out there).
  • I have learned to enjoy the simpler things in life and reminded myself of old hobbies that I used to really enjoy, like drawing and doodling.
  • Along the way, I even tried some new things that I wouldn’t normally expect to enjoy by slowing my life down a little.

So, to all those extroverts out there, I challenge you to embrace this new form of life for a little bit longer. You might invent a new game, enjoy a new hobby, or even learn something different about yourself. Keep on keeping on!

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