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FUEL For 2021

January 4, 2021
by Brittany Sinde

Call us cliche, but we love to saddle the New Year with long lists of unrealistic expectations. Isn’t there a line somewhere promising when you aim for the moon, even if you fall short, you land among the stars? #Goals  

So yes, we’re grateful for another clean page, and the chance to change, in big and small ways. And here’s the list to prove it. 

Ally: “Get a vaccine, get out of the house, get back to the gym!” 

Amanda: “2020 has given me a real appreciation for nature and the great outdoors. So, in 2021, I plan to spend more time camping, hiking, paddleboarding, and surfing.” 

Amy: “Goodbye 2020! In 2021, I will focus on personal and professional growth and find new ways to give back to my community. Also hoping that 2021 will bring health, healing and more fun than 2020!” 

Brittany: “I have to say… cannot wait to be my 2021 self. That version will balance her reading to watching series ratio. Study Spanish in prep for tackling her travel list. She’ll be vaccinated! She’ll be 80% plant-based and properly gross and sweaty at least 4x a week. And she’ll say no to dating apps and yes to more personal writing, quality time with the people she loves, and professional development.” 

Catherine: “As a person who loves task lists and goals, I am going to stop being so hard on myself for the things I don’t make it to and be proud of myself for what I accomplish.” 

Christina: “TRAVEL – I’m turning 50 and want to take a BIG trip. Hug my mom.” 

Beth: “2021 is going to be a restart for me – new job at FUEL (yay!), newly single (woo hoo!), new attitude about life. Live every day to the fullest and spend quality time with family and friends. And, as soon as safely possible, I’m going to give lots and lots of hugs!” 

Ed: “In the new year, I’d like to use my passport a lot more, complete all the things 2020 restrictions wouldn’t let me, make 2021 as big as 2020 was going to be.” 

Ely : “In 2021, my goal is to not be on my phone the first and last hour of my day. Instead, I want to get in a morning workout or read before bed.” 

Georgia: “I’d like to take more initiative in my friendships in 2021. 2020 was a year of introspection, so I hope 2021 can be a year of relationship building.” 

Jackie: “Stretch more. Visit a new continent. Step outside of my comfort zone and take risks. Volunteer more. Read 25 books. Be more creative. Complain less. Be intentional.” 

Leslie: “I plan to workout consistently, eat more salads, count my blessings daily, take time to read, relax and travel with my family!” 

Mary: “In 2021, I hope to make more time for myself to exercise, read, and be a better friend.”

Matthew: “After a year of social distancing, I am going to spend 2021 talking uncomfortably close to everyone I meet.”

Meredith: “More hugging and time with family and friends, more outdoor time, more reading, more developing, more saying yes to what life has to offer!” 

Nora: “Continue yoga, take a big trip (or a few), and live out of intention with my work, relationships and family!” 

Patrick: “I hope to be able to get out and explore more of my local area.” 

Roxy: “Hit that reset button! Taking on 2021 with a positive attitude, no matter what kind of obstacles I am presented with.” 

Ryan: “In 2021, I will say yes to more physical activity and no to that 4th piece of pizza.” 

Sandra: “I hope to visit family and friends. Worry less.”

Taylor: “I’d like to spend more quality time for myself doing things that I find relaxing and recharging: riding my bike, hiking, going on walks, digging in the dirt in my garden.” 

Warren: “Get healthy, spend more time with my family, and be outdoors as much as possible.”

Zach: “I want to get back into fitness, weight lifting, and hiking in 2021!”

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