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FUEL Gives Thanks (2020 Edition)

November 23, 2020
by Amanda Campau

By The FUEL Team

There’s no denying that 2020 has been… difficult. It’s been a year full of unexpected challenges and hardships brought on by a global pandemic. COVID-19 has impacted each and every one of us— but we believe it’s important to focus on gratitude and the good things that 2020 has brought us. So, while the Thanksgiving celebrations may look different this year, we can still give thanks.

 In the spirit of the holiday, we asked the FUEL team to reflect on what they’re thankful for this tumultuous year. And from the big things to the small, we’ve got a lot to share: 

Ally:  “I am thankful for my family’s health (please don’t jinx me) and a cold glass of chardonnay at the end of a wonderful day at FUEL!”

Amanda:  “Getting to spend more quality time at home with my husband and pets. And Netflix. So much Netflix.”                                              

Amy:  “This year I am especially thankful for my health, my family and friends, my home and having a job that I love. I am also thankful for streaming services and contactless delivery.”                                                                                                                 

Brittany:  “How much room do I have? Time?! Here’s the short version. Relative stability in a year no one could have imagined. My health, and the same applies to most people I know. Colleagues who feel like family. The humor of the internet. A surplus of art (and distraction) via books, series, films, music, and Insta. Cooking. Phone calls. A new President.” 

Catherine:  “Having more time to spend with my family and my fantastic coworkers that make me laugh every single day!”

Christina:  “Working for a great agency, my health, my cats, and my family and friends.”  

Beth:  I’m thankful for my two teenage boys and how they’ve kept me grounded this year and reminded me that any time is a good time for some fun and laughter!

Ed:  “My girls, my family, my health, and making it through 2020 so far.”

Ely:  “Lunchtime workouts and spending more time at home with my roommates.”

Georgia:  “This year, I am particularly grateful for science for giving me more time with the people I love and for giving the people I love more (high quality) time on the planet.”    

Jackie:  “My health, my family, and my new kitty, Taco.”

Leslie : “Lots of family time and having a job that I love!”

Mary:  “My family’s health.”  

Matthew : “Family and friends.”       

Meredith:  “Grateful for… doing life with my family and friends; being a part of a company that values work/life balance; working alongside a special group of people; living in the greatest country on earth.”

Nora:  “Lunchtime yoga and no commute!”

Patrick:  “My wife and daughter and my job. Also, tacos.”

Roxy:  “Having a job and enjoying my lunches at home.”

Ryan:  “Starting a new adventure at a fantastic agency!”

Sandra : “My health, my husband and family, longtime and new friends, the natural world, music, books, and cats. Really, I have so much to be grateful for, I could write a book. “

Taylor:  “Resilience! Events this year took so many things out of our control but being able to reset and focus on new routines and new ideas for the future has helped me get through it. And… pajama pants! I wear them to work every single day now.”

Warren:  “My family, FUEL, and the amazing people I get to work alongside everyday… even if it is virtual.”

Zach:  “It’s been a weird year full of challenges and difficulties, but also one full of successes and opportunities for growth. I’m thankful for the support of my wonderful wife Tina, my family, friends, and my FUEL family.”

What are you thankful for this year?

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