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Your Brand Doesn’t Deserve Bad Photography

July 12, 2019
by Roxy Bartz

YES? Or NO? At some point, you’ve tried — or at the very least wanted — to click “Report” on an unflattering photo.

We’re with you.

So then you might also remember a time circa 2009, when this compulsion reached a peak on Facebook: there was no protection or sophisticated algorithm to limit the reach of photos your friends and family tagged you in without your permission. Early-riser serial taggers from the night before were feared above everything else on the internet. They seemed to lack basic discretion. Empathy. Eye balls. “You’ve been TAGGED” became the new “You’ve been temporarily ruined.” And why exactly? Because image. Because then, because now, because always, it’s everything.

But we’re also in a time when personal image is everything then some . It’s curate-able and available-to-all like never before. Something that’s propelled brands to adopt a POV so thoroughly “Millennial” in recent years. For example, “Saving face” is a worst-case scenario (untagging yourself in photos already LIVE and already seen), while “Keeping face” (never allowing the mask to slip) amounts to authenticity for brands. You don’t just represent this, you are this. And for consumers equally obsessed with maintaining appearance, that’s the dream they reach for—and at the counter, pay for.

Putting your best face forward pays off

Because first impressions are so important, brand photography is one of the most obvious ways to show you value your brand, or don’t. From larger investments like a TVC or website to smaller outputs like brochures and e-mailers, your image can either be a springboard for more new business, or, sadly, a jumping off point for prospects left completely unimpressed. Brand photography is where you should invest, NOT skimp. Here’s a few reminders why.

Four Tried and True Benefits of Beautiful Brand Photography:

It engages new customers
Quality photography draws people in. Beyond simply grabbing attention, it should be an invitation to discover more; a hint that taking a closer look will pay off. And since effective marketing entirely depends on engaging current customers and attracting new ones, professional photography is the best way to make a great first impression before deeper brand storytelling has the floor.

It establishes a strong brand presence
A strong brand presence works miracles for establishing brand loyalty. It’s not just about the product you sell or the solutions you offer. What do you stand for? What does you brand experience make people feel? A brand’s emotional appeal matters. Consumers not only want to connect on this level before making a purchase or agreeing to pay for a service, they need to. And your photography is the first step in creating this impact.

It’s functional
A lot of businesses consider photoshoots a burden; one more opportunity on the marketing calendar to exercise some financial tough love. Don’t believe them! Because in their effort to save, they completely miss the point: if you cut here, you’re cutting   the effectiveness of everything, absolutely ever other marketing endeavor. And while it’s obvious, it’s still true: bad images create a bad image. Your website will fall flat. Your brochure will be blasé. Your latest email will go unread, or deleted. While on the contrary, a well-funded, properly briefed photoshoot can achieve more than you’d imagine. A stream of powerful, evocative photography used to SELL and BRAND BUILD across every marketing medium.

It shows you’re a pro, or not
No matter how wonderful your products or services may be, bad images, well, create a bad image. Photography is critical to making your brand image align with your brand experience. And if the photography is poor, it will seriously compromise the overall image of your business. And once that first impression is made-good or bad-it generally sticks. As the saying goes: “you don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression.”

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