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Brand Strategy

The first step to reaching your brand’s full potential.

Define – then follow – the heart and soul of your brand

Someone said, “A brand becomes a brand when it becomes consistent” and we’ve never forgotten it. The underlying message is that to be consistent, you have to be authentic, and to be authentic you have to know exactly who you are and the value you provide. It’s no wonder why the most consistent brands translate to the strongest and most trusted, too. When we say our mission is to give brands courage + clarity, we mean an opportunity to see – and be – the best version of themselves. 

But it’s also important to note: brands are not fixed entities that, once created, never change. Consumers change. Culture changes. Markets, too. So while your brand’s identity or “essence”  won’t suddenly shift overnight, the same evolutionary rules do apply: adapt or die. Your brand will evolve because it must, with the consumer. That’s why we believe brand strategy = brand building: a continuous journey of growth intent on strengthening your brand over time. You choose growth by following your brand heart and serving #1: your consumer. Our brand strategy process gives you a clear path to do so.

The Benefits of Brand Strategy

Establish core emotional connection with your consumer

Create strong brand + product differentiation

Resolve brand inconsistencies and enhance trust

Understand long-term growth opportunities

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Brand Strategy Services

We guide you from one strategy stage to the next, always building on your brand strengths and insights to create clarity around your market, customers, challenges, and opportunities.

Brand Identity:

We immerse ourselves in your business and brand so we can build a bridge between the two. Identify your core persona to resolve brand inconsistencies and enhance consumer trust. Next, align on – and articulate – your brand’s Purpose, Vision, and Mission and develop your unique voice. Some of our tools include:

Market Strategy:

Context is everything. After defining your brand identity, we can focus on your brand’s place: where it fits in the market and what macro-economic forces at play will impact your roadmap. Two of your best resources are:

  • Industry Trade Outlets 
  • Industry Associations 

Audience Strategy:

After clarifying your own brand identity, clarify your greatest emotional benefit to your customer. Better understand their needs in this brand/audience relationship through tools that include:

  • Insights from Quantitative and Qualitative Research  
  • Robust Personas 
  • Customer Journey Mapping

Challenger Strategy:

What is the greatest challenge you’re up against? You’ll be surprised at how many brands (mistakenly) believe it’s competitors. We’ll reveal how your real challenge is likely markets and mindsets rooted in status quo using:

  • A Mission-forward Opportunity
  • Challenger Type
  • Syndicated Research
  • SWOT 

Storytelling Strategy:

Here’s where so many brands stumble, primarily because they’ve failed to complete each stage and answer the tough questions along the way. Following our brand strategy path, you’ll have no problem with message clarity. We’ll help you craft a brand story people will want to listen to. 

  • BrandScript 
  • Positioning and Messaging
  • Voice + Tone

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