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Brand Identity

How the value of your brand comes to life.

Translate your brand identity into long-term brand value

Branding isn’t just visual communication, it’s communicating value. Your why. Your being. Your vision and promise. So as a reflection of your brand identity, it’s your most important asset. For a few reasons…

Brand awareness is ultimately fueled by being memorable. That’s why the best visual identities appeal to the senses, differentiate products, and help people make choices confidently. While product quality can actually be inferior and still succeed, brand identity cannot. At FUEL, we passionately and intuitively build brand identity systems using a framework of meaning and emotion. Meaning helps us use logic to create alignment and synergy with key stakeholders, while emotion, naturally, helps us connect with consumers.

Benefits of Branding

Express your brand authentically and accurately

Create and cultivate internal alignment + culture

Increase brand awareness + recognition + value

Encourage customer loyalty

Court Atkins Group Brand Design

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Brain Candy Bottle
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Southern First Brand Design Card
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Period Project Brand Design Tote Bag

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Fisher Mountain Brand Design  Visit site

Jadex Brand Design Signage

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Avalon Brand Design

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Community Finder Brand Design
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Warehouse Theatre Brand Design

Warehouse Theatre Brand Design  See work

Branding Services

At FUEL, it’s important we create brands people fall in love with. Brands people trust. Especially brands that help businesses like yours stand out – and succeed – in loud and crowded markets. Here’s how we do it.

Brand Identity

Think beyond a logo and color palette. A brand identity is a system: a cohesive collection of visual elements that include, yes, a logotype, colors, typography, iconography, illustration, photography, and data visualization but also a visual and verbal language. These languages dictate behavior and extend to the brand name, tagline, voice, tone, key message, and sound. When designed right, a strong brand identity has the power to provide value and brand loyalty for generations.

Brand Management

Brand guidelines help you stay on brand. FUEL creates user-friendly digital brand guidelines to make that even easier for your entire team. Brand Guidelines:

  • Make your brand identity easily accessible to all your employees and vendors
  • Encourage brand consistency by providing access to the latest materials, even as your brand continues to evolve
  • Provide the ability to download assets such as logo, colors, fonts, and other marketing and sales materials and templates
  • Provide access to specs, usage rules, and guidelines to ensure brand integrity
  • Create a destination to understand what the brand stands for and the meaning of the brand identity, so everyone can clearly articulate

Brand Launch

Unveiling a new brand identity is an exciting opportunity to onboard, energize, and rally employees around a new brand strategy. It’s a moment to help articulate the meaning and purpose of your brand, build loyalty, and create emotional connections with your stakeholders. FUEL can help you create the strategic launch plan and define goals both internally and externally for this rare and important occasion.

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