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FUEL For Good: Our Quarterly Grant Meets Its First Match

April 14, 2020
by Beth Thomason

This city is home. We’re Greenville born and grown, and we have so much love for our beautiful community. And even more importantly, we’re excited about playing a small role—any role—in making big changes throughout the city. Case in point, our newly launched FUEL For Good program, a quarterly $10,000 marketing grant available to local nonprofits and organizations also committed to serving our neighbors and community needs.

No surprise, there’s more than a few worthy causes and inspiring leaders around town. And while they were searching for sources of support, and we were searching for great causes, it was only a matter of time before we landed on our first recipient in 1Q20: Fellow Countrymen.

Fellow Countrymen is a community-based non-profit committed to ending veteran homelessness and suicide across the Upstate. Imagine a place of shelter and support for vulnerable military members facing the harsh realities of life after war: PTSD, substance abuse, unemployment, and even the threat of suicide. Under Fellow Countrymen’s roof, these men are given a home and safe environment to remain accountable to peers, along with counseling, mentorship, job assistance, and community support through weekly outreach programs. While collaborating with the organization’s founders, Renee and David Nardone, we discovered the heartbreaking statistics and stories of so many local men in need of hope and rehabilitation—exactly what Fellow Countrymen is on a mission to provide.

To help them secure the support and donations crucial to their everyday operations, we focused on communicating a story that resonates with the community while building brand trust through a fresh brand identity. Our strategy was really just simplicity: “Back to The Basics” of good storytelling and design.

From simplifying the word mark and creating an entirely new logo to modernizing the brand’s website and restructuring its content and mission for clarity and impact, we created a tribute to the lives of those lost, but also saved, and an organization responsible for giving vulnerable veterans life and purpose after war.

Check out the spectrum of Fellow Countrymen’s brand updates below. If you’d like to learn more or offer your own support, please visit

And if you or anyone you know would like to apply for our next FUEL For Good grant, visit:

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