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Dodge Industrial Branding

Refreshing a Legacy Brand

Elevating an Iconic Brand with a Fresh, Modern Look To Stand Out Strong in the Industry
Dodge Industrial Branding - New Look and Feel


A New Look for a Trusted Name in Industry

For over 140 years, Dodge has been designing and manufacturing mechanical power transmission solutions for a wide range of industries across the globe. But for the past several decades, it’s been operating under another company’s brand umbrella. And when it was recently acquired by RBC Bearings Incorporated, Dodge seized the opportunity to elevate its brand and its long-standing reputation as the diamond standard in industry.
Dodge Industrial Logo Annotation

The Challenge

Evolving a Legacy

Dodge is known for moving industry forward with its high-quality mechanical power transmission solutions. So we aimed to create a new brand identity and positioning as strong as its products.
Dodge Industrial Logo Before
Logo Before
Dodge Industrial Logo After

Logo After

The Strategy

Getting to Know Dodge

For this international company with a solid industry reputation, we explored the key aspects of Dodge’s approach to industrial solutions that would resonate most with its customers. Fully understanding how Southern First operates as a business equipped the creative team with the information needed to deliver the best results. After gaining a deeper knowledge of Southern First, we used the insights to inspire an impactful direction for the new brand identity.
Archetype Workshop: Finding the Humble Reformer Within
Dodge doesn’t just manufacture products—it works closely with its customers to help them find the best solutions for their business. And through a series of brand archetype workshops with the Dodge marketing and leadership teams, we uncovered that the Dodge brand was a Reformer: a brand that seeks to improve systems with an advanced ability to see what’s missing. We also dove into the meaning behind the Southern First pineapple logo – a symbol for southern hospitality and a core part of Southern First’s brand identity (it’s often referred to as “The Pineapple Bank” among its team and in the community). So, we determined early on that wherever the brand evolution goes, the pineapple would lead the way.
Brand Immersion: Discovering the Brand Strengths
The Dodge name is known for quality, durability, and reliability. And its personalized customer service sets it apart from others in industry. These key findings drove the positioning strategy to re-enforce and elevate what customers already know about Dodge.
The Rollout: Bringing the New Brand to Life
Starting with positioning, we evolved the Dodge brand guiding statements to represent the company’s market share leadership and commitment to quality and innovation. Then, with the new identity and community strategy in place, it was time to introduce Dodge’s fresh new brand to the world.
Dodge Industrial Brand Guidelines
Dodge Industrial Catalog Cover

The Results

Navigating the Future of Industry with Dodge

Throughout this entire transition, FUEL was by Dodge’s side. From the RBC Bearings acquisition to a corporate office move and a complete brand refresh, we navigated Dodge through hundreds of moving parts and into its new phase of business—establishing ourselves as a strong partner and reliable resource for Dodge’s ongoing marketing needs. Southern First’s team and clients immediately embraced the new logo and brand identity, which was quickly incorporated onto the bank’s website and other marketing materials.
FUEL has been instrumental in moving Dodge forward in all areas of marketing, from brand identity and strategic planning to day-to-day activities including graphic design, video production, and media buying. ”

— Lisa Dwight, VP of Marketing | Dodge Industrial


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