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Good Brand Design, It’s More than a Vibe

October 30, 2023
by Mary Cornette

Brand design is only a sliver of a brand. Only part of the branding process. It’s how a brand looks, sounds, moves, and feels. But an effective brand identity is so much more powerful than just appealing artwork. It’s the intentional graphic articulation of a feeling. A gut feeling – a vibe. At FUEL, we think vibes are a pretty big deal.

Good brand design differentiates a company. It represents the brand even when the logo is hidden or a color shifts.

Good brand design can make you believe in an idea…something bigger than yourself. It can make you want to be a part of the club. It can lure you in like a siren and become an extension of who you are. It can define a small part of you and help you understand yourself a little more. It can help you stand out or fit in. It’s personal.

Good brand design is visceral and seductive. It encourages you to spend more money than you intended, engage in ways you didn’t expect, and connect with others in meaningful ways. It keeps you wanting more.

Good brand design is recognizable and appropriate for every touchpoint. It is familiar but not like matching luggage or cookie-cutter-pressed cookies. It is like running into a stylish old friend eager to share juicy gossip.

Good brand design helps instill confidence, trust, and loyalty with consistent quality people grow to expect. It drives commerce. It silently convinces consumers to pay a premium and not question the decision.

Good brand design is a clear reflection of a well-articulated and defined brand strategy. It communicates an idea. An extension of the brand story. 

Good brand design connects the dots across brand, marketing, product, and customer experience. It unifies and strengthens the brand across screen, paper, package, and product with a visual language and design system that can flex to meet the needs of the medium. 

Good brand design surprises with unexpected gifts. Small delightful details.

Good brand design is not a logo. It’s a symphony of type, color, photography, iconography, illustration, patterns, shapes, textures, graphics, mnemonics, music, sound effects, motion, and behaviors, all working in concert playing the same concerto. A logo alone can not create the emotional response good brand design is capable of creating.

Good brand design is a vibe. A vibe that can inspire love without logic or reason.

At FUEL, we don’t create logos. We create brands. We are looking for clients who want to create meaningful, memorable, and distinct brands too. Clients who deeply appreciate and understand the value of a unique approach to brand strategy and how it’s essential for good brand design. Clients who are ready to partner together to build their brand.

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